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While growing up in Sylvania, Georgia, Cliff Bryant worked part-time at a local drugstore. At the time, the corner drugstore was more than just a pharmacy, it was a social place where you could get a milkshake, cokes, peanuts and even do some gift shopping. Customers there were greeted by name and service was a priority. “Mrs. Smith” could simply ask for her “blue blood pressure pills,” and the pharmacist would know just what she needed.

In 1964, Mr. Bryant purchased Smith Drugs No. 2 in Anderson, SC and his vision of carrying on the service and quality of a local drugstore became a reality. He offered a full-service fountain, assorted gifts and a pharmacy that included free delivery.

In the 1990’s, the name of the store was changed to Bryant Pharmacy & Supply. With the new name came a new emphasis on durable medical equipment and supplies. To develop this DME department, they built a “service-centered” operation reaching far into neighboring communities while maintaining that “personal touch” Mr. Bryant began with. Bryant Pharmacy & Supply is now a full-service medical equipment supplier specializing in custom mobility devices and lifts, home respiratory and sleep equipment, as well as diabetic testing supplies. Bryant Pharmacy & Supply offers several services related to the equipment and supplies it provides. The specialized rehab service division, called BP&S Rehab, focuses on specialized mobility equipment for the customer, their home and automobile. Such items include custom wheelchairs, walk-in tubs, stair lifts, porch lifts and vehicle hand controls. The Can Do Kids service offered by Bryant Pharmacy & Supply, focuses on similar types of equipment for children with special needs. And finally, The Wheelchair Wiz service is available for those needing service and/or repair of their wheelchair and/or mobility device.

Currently, the Bryants carry on the business with the same philosophy as it began. But even after all these years, service is the priority, delivery is still free and “Mrs. Smith” can still get a coke and simply ask for her “blue pills!”